Mobility Transport Services

Mobility Transport Services


The University of California Riverside (UCR) provides a Mobility Transport Service (MTS) to support faculty, staff, and students in bridging the physical transition between their commute to the campus and the campus building where they start and end their day on campus. The MTS complements the parking and access systems provided through the Americans with Disabilities Act and California Building Codes by providing scheduled rides to eligible community members between physically separated transportation systems and campus destinations.

The program operates on the campus during prime academic education periods. Rides are available during the four academic quarters, including welcome and finals weeks, between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM. Individuals are limited to 2 rides per day, typically one ride into campus and one ride back to their residence or vehicle at the end of the day. Services do not operate on University holidays, during campus curtailments, or during the periods between quarters, such as Spring Break.

Eligibility and access to the program are reviewed and approved through one of two departments that manage their constituent’s access to disability-related services and accommodations on campus. Please contact the following department to contact to confirm eligibility status:

Individuals who receive approval to access the program complete a short application for Transportation Services to gain access to the ride-scheduling system and can schedule their rides. Rides are not available on an on-call basis as staffing, and daily schedules are completed before the beginning of service each day.

The MTS service is staffed by employees from Transportation and Parking Services. They operate open-air electric carts to provide rides to approved participants. They will provide rides based on the daily program schedule between designated pick-up and drop-off locations on campus. Drivers are not authorized to load or unload passengers at any other locations. Driving vehicles on the campus’ busy interior walkways are prohibited. Because of this restriction, some rides may take longer routes around the campus core to reach a drop-off location that could be reached more directly by driving on a pedestrian walkway.

  • COVID-19: The MTS program currently operates using electric carts that provide free airflow to maintain the safest contact possible and limit exposure for all individuals. All unvaccinated individuals must wear approved face masks while interacting with Transportation Services drivers and during their ride.
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