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TAPS Advisory Committee

Transportation Services Advisory Committee

The Transportation Services Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and student representatives. The committee serves as an advisory to the Vice Chancellor of Planning, Budget and Administration and will provide counsel and consultation on transportation programs which includes review of issues, policies, programs, services, budget, rates and strategic planning. The committee will also serve as a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas between the UCR community, Transportation Services, and University leadership. 

Andy Plumley
Committee Chair
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Auxiliary Services

Raoul Amescua
Executive Director, Real Estate Services & Asset Management

Semi Cole
Undergraduate Student
ASUCR President

Frank Figueroa
Financial & Administrative Manager, Student Affairs Technology Services
Director of Involvement & Recognition, Staff Assembly

Irma Henderson
Director, Transportation Services

Christian Heun
Organizational Project Administrator, Auxiliary Services

Tasha Hudson
Special Assistant and Project Manager to the AVCs
Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Office of Governmental & Community Relations

Tara Pueschel
Transportation Demand Specialist, Transportation Services

Shawn Ragan
Graduate Student President, Graduate Student Association

Chinya Ravishankar
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Associate Dean, Research & Graduate
Education, Marlan & Rosemary Bourns College of  Engineering

Richard Stouthamer
Professor, Entomology