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Learn About Vanpooling

Learn About Vanpooling


UCR’s Vanpool Program matches groups of UCR commuters living within close proximity of each other and allows them to share the ride to and from the UCR campus.  Vanpooling can save you money, reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle, reduce commute time, help keep the air we breathe cleaner, lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce both traffic and parking congestion.

UC Riverside’s vanpools are owned and operated by Enterprise Rideshare.  The Vanpool Program is a self-supporting operation; vanpool participants fund all operating costs including vehicle lease costs and fuel.  Monthly fares are designated by Enterprise Rideshare and are calculated based on the vehicle type, miles travelled, and number of occupants.

Vanpools run daily (except weekends and holidays) and travel to campus once in the morning and return home once in the evening.  Passengers pay a flat monthly rate.  The more you ride, the more you benefit.

Vanpools consist of a minimum of five people and must have at least one primary driver and a vanpool coordinator.  Drivers must be at least 25 years old with a good driving record.

Each Vanpool Coordinator manages their own roster and will make contact if there is an open seat available.  If/when there is a minimum of five people on the interest list with at least one available driver, a new formation meeting will be scheduled by Enterprise.

To see if a UCR Vanpool is available near you, visit or login to the UCR Vanpool Program Application to view the current routes and join an interest list. 

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students must enroll in the Alternative Transportation Program  to receive incentives outlined in the Alternative Transportation Program.  Undergraduates must request their incentives through the Transportation Services office.

Complimentary Parking Privileges

Vanpool Riders enrolled in the Alternative Transportation Program who do not possess a valid Red, Blue, or Gold parking permit, are eligible to receive a complimentary parking allotment for days they cannot commute in a Vanpool vehicle.  Members receive a prorated permit allotment, based on 2 permits per month. Actual allotments provided are dependent on enrollment dates and are issued on a quarterly basis.  Parking allotments are available through the A/T Daily Web Permit  application. Undergraduates will be granted an allotment of paper permits upon request.

The Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) is available to faculty or staff carpool participants in unforeseen emergency situations. The program is intended for personal and family emergencies or unscheduled overtime at the request of your supervisor. It is not available for rides to work, scheduled appointments or planned overtime. Transportation home is provided with a rented vehicle from campus Fleet Services. The cost of the overnight rental is paid for by Transportation Services. 

Program Rules

  • A valid California drivers license is required and must be presented when picking up an ERH vehicle at Fleet Services.
  • Carpool and Vanpool member utilizing the ERH program services are responsible for pick-up and return of the rented vehicle to Fleet Services.
  • Vehicles must be returned to Fleet Services by 8:00 AM the following morning to ensure no additional rental charges are incurred.
  • The ERH program only pays for one overnight rental. Additional charges are the sole responsibility of the Vanpool or Carpool member requesting the ERH.
  • ERH is limited to one occurrence per calendar quarter.
  • Transportation Services and its Alternative Transportation Program management makes the final determination if a request for an Emergency Ride Home is valid and approving a request.

To arrange for an Emergency Ride Home:

  • Call Transportation Services prior to 4:00 PM.
  • Authorization can be obtained through the Help Desk at 951-827-1911.