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Learn about carpooling.

Learn About Carpooling


Carpooling is a great way to get to and from campus. It saves money by reducing your gasoline, car maintenance and parking costs.  Based on 2015 estimates of driving costs, a 40-mile round-trip commute costs approximately $35 each day, not including tolls or parking.  Carpooling can also lower drive time.  Carpoolers utilizing the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes typically cut travel time by a third.  And we all know that Carpooling helps keep the air we breathe cleaner, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and reduces both traffic and parking congestion.

A carpool consists of two or more people sharing a ride together in a common vehicle. Rather than commuting in their individual cars, co-workers or students from the same community share the ride and drive in together.

Find a carpool buddy!

UC Riverside has partnered with Waze Carpool.  Choose to drive or ride, and match with people based on route and time of day.

Waze Carpool can also help you find someone to share the ride with to campus. Download the Waze Carpool app (iOS/Android) and be sure to add your campus email address to your profile so that you are matched with others in the UCR community.

Requires minimum of 3 undergrads to register as carpool. The carpool would be permitted to park in non-reserved and non-marked spaces located in the top floor of the Big Springs Parking Structure.
  • All participants must be undergrad commuter students living 3+ miles from campus who travel along the same route.
  • Each member of the carpool would be required to enroll at TAPS in person for each quarter they participate. A quarterly permit must be paid for up front and be split between the members of the group.
  • 1 carpool permit hang tag would be issued per carpool. Anyone with a current parking permit would be required to return it. A refund or credit would be provided for any time left against the permit.
  • The price of a regular Gold Parking Permit will be split between the number of passengers in the carpool group.
  • Hang tag can be transferred to anyone in the group and a maximum of one vehicle per person can be registered to that permit. Members cannot purchase another monthly/quarterly permit in their name. If so, the carpool permit is automatically revoked.
  • Vehicle must display the carpool permit hang tag on the windshield when parking. It is the carpool members' responsibility to switch the permit between vehicles if they are changing cars. If their permit is forgotten, the group would be required to go to one of the parking kiosks to obtain a temporary permit for the day.
  • If a member cannot carpool on any given day they would be required to purchase a daily permit through the kiosk or purchase hourly parking via the ParkMobile app.
Faculty and staff with a minimum 50% appointment or full-time graduate students are eligible to participate in the Carpool program. Applicants must travel together a minimum of 3 days a week for more than 50% of their total commute to campus.

You must enroll in the Alternative Transportation Program to receive incentives. Eligibility of incentives is subject to verification using University electronic records.

Carpool Permit
  • 1 parking permit is issued to a carpool. A carpool can consist of any combination of eligible participants (faculty/staff/graduate students).
  • All Carpool participants are responsible for a portion of the parking permit cost. The monthly parking permit fee is processed through payroll deduction or a student business services account. 
  • Parking lot assignments are based on space availability. Wait lists are maintained for high demand locations.
  • Carpool parking permits are discounted at 1/2 the cost of the Blue or Red parking permit rate.
Complimentary Parking Privileges

Registered Carpools are eligible to receive a complimentary parking allotment for days they cannot commute together. The primary carpool permit holder does not receive complimentary parking.  Secondary members receive a prorated permit allotment, based on 2 permits per month.  Actual allotments provided are dependent on enrollment dates and are issued on a quarterly basis.  Parking allotments are easily accessible through the A/T Daily Web Permit  application.  The complimentary parking permit will be assigned to the carpool participants carpool lot.

Emergency Ride Home Program
he Emergency Ride Home program (ERH) is available to faculty or staff carpool participants in unforeseen emergency situations. The program is intended for personal and family emergencies or unscheduled overtime at the request of your supervisor. It is not available for rides to work, scheduled appointments or planned overtime. Transportation home is provided with a rented vehicle from campus Fleet Services. The cost of the overnight rental is paid for by Transportation Services.
Program Rules
  • A valid California drivers license is required and must be presented when picking up an ERH vehicle at Fleet Services.
  • Carpool and Vanpool members utilizing the ERH program services are responsible for pick-up and return of the rented vehicle to Fleet Services.
  • Vehicles must be returned to Fleet Services by 8:00 AM the following morning to ensure no additional rental charges are incurred.
  • The ERH program only pays for one overnight rental.  Additional charges are the sole responsibility of the Vanpool or Carpool member requesting the ERH.
  • ERH is limited to one occurrence per calendar quarter.
  • Transportation Services and its Alternative Transportation Program management makes the final determination if a request for an Emergency Ride Home is valid and approving a request.
To arrange for an Emergency Ride Home:
  • Call Transportation Services prior to 4:00 PM.
  • Authorization can be obtained through the Help Desk at 951-827-1911.
Amount per year each person in a 2-person blue permit carpool saves
Total Number of Carpool Permits Fall 2020
Number of complimentary parking permits per year for carpools