Transportation Options

Transportation Services manages many programs to promote alternatives to driving. Whether you are a commuter student driving to school or a resident traveling off campus, we can help you get there.  For help navigating your options, please contact Transportation Services at (951) 827-8277 or email

  • Biking & Walking

    Riding a bike or walking is fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly commute mode. There are over 3,000 bike racks spaces located throughout campus. There are also four locked bike cages available at no cost for those that have registered their bikes on campus.

    Bike amenities: UCR has several self-fix-it stations for do-it-yourself light repairs. Pedals Bike Shop is also conveniently located on campus at Bannockburn South next to the Sub Station, offering repairs, parts and accessories. Contact Pedals at (951) 683-5343 for more information. Transportation Services provides free bike registration and issues bike licenses daily between the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

    If you are a UCR campus employee or graduate student, you may want to explore incentives for biking or walking to campus. Visit our Biking/Walking page.

  • Riverside Transit Agency - UPASS Program

    UCR subsidizes 100% of your Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) bus pass through RTA's U-PASS ProgramRegister for a free mobile pass and show your mobile device on board for unlimited, FREE rides on any RTA fixed route.  All RTA buses come equipped with free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports. Current RTA schedules are available online or at Transportation Services.

    If you are a UCR campus employee or graduate student, you may want to explore incentives for taking the bus to campus. Visit our Learn About Taking Bus page.

  • Carsharing

    Carsharing is available on campus!

    Zipcar is a self-service car share program available to the entire campus community. Zipcar vehicles are available right on campus and can be reserved by the hour or day 24/7. Rental fees include insurance, gas and mileage up to 180 miles per day. Rentals are meant for roundtrips and can be reserved in advance when you need to run errands, attend meetings, visit friends or anything else you may need to do.

    Zipcars can be found in reserved areas in Parking Lot 1, Bannockburn, and the auto courts just outside of Big Springs Parking Structure 1.

    How do I join?

    You must first register for a membership at Zipcar by using your UCR email account. UCR students and staff benefit from a discounted $15 annual membership fee to participate. You must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver's license and credit card to join. International licenses are acceptable. Once approved by Zipcar, you will be mailed a membership card to access the cars or you can instantly reserve by using the Zipcar app.

    Rates vary depending on the vehicle, so check the Zipcar website to view the current inventory of vehicles and pricing.

  • Find a carpool partner

    Find a carpool partner!

    Faculty, staff and graduate students can register online for a free IE Commuter account and they will match you up with others interested in sharing a ride with people who live and work near you with similar hours. You may also qualify for County sponsored subsidies.  For more information Visit our Learn About Carpooling page.

  • Metrolink
  • Vanpool

    Vanpooling is a cost effective option available to all members of the UCR community that commute to campus regularly. Routes operate Monday-Friday, traveling between common pickup locations and UCR's campus. They run once per day, usually arriving before 8:00 AM and leaving the campus by 5:00 PM. Prices vary depending on the distance of the route and number of riders. A monthly charge is assessed to all vanpool riders regardless of the number of days they ride. Start by going to Commute with Enterprise and clicking on "Join Commute".

    If you are a UCR campus employee or graduate student, you may want to explore incentives for vanpooling to campus. Visit our Learn About Vanpooling page.

Parking Options

If you choose to drive to campus, a valid UCR parking permit must be associated with your vehicle license plate at all times on the UC Riverside campus.  Permits may be purchased using Visa, Mastercard, Discover or by Transfer to Student Account.