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Department Permits

The Dashboard Pass (Pass) is available for purchase by campus departments for use by employees who, based on job responsibilities/function, must park in locations which are significantly distant from their assigned lot for extended periods of time beyond what their Blue or Red permit allows. Eligibility for a Pass is based on justified departmental business need, rather than individual convenience.  The Pass is not intended to make attendance at meetings across the campus more convenient or to enable employees with multiple appointments to park near each work location. Individuals who are eligible to purchase an "X Permit" may not use a Pass.

The Pass, valid only when displayed with the employee's Red or Blue permit, authorizes the employee to park in a Red or Blue lot (depending on whether the employee purchased a Red or Blue permit), other than the permit's assigned lot, for an indefinite period of time. Individuals with Blue permits may not park in Red permit lots even with the Pass. The Pass is NOT valid in Service Vehicle spaces. All other privileges and restrictions associated with Red or Blue permits are applicable when using the Pass.

The Pass is not specifically assigned to an individual employee; consequently, departments may purchase one Pass to be used by multiple eligible employees in the department or they may purchase multiple Passes. The department is charged an annual fee for each Pass issued.

Department heads must submit an application justifying the business need for the Pass to Parking Services. The Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services is charged with reviewing and approving all applications.

A Delivery permit is a short-term parking option for customers making deliveries on campus. Delivery permits are available at either of the campus kiosks. For those who have a valid Gold, Night, Red, or Blue permit, this parking permit is complimentary.  A complimentary Delivery permit must be displayed with a valid Red, Blue, Gold or Night permit. For customers without a valid parking permit, there is a $2 charge for a Delivery permit.

Delivery permits:

  • Are valid in Delivery spaces and unreserved spaces in Red and Blue lots.
  • Expire 35 minutes after time printed—expiration time is displayed on the permit

Departments holding special events, conferences, symposiums and the like on campus must first contact Event Parking Services for parking and permit information.

Departments are able to purchase both short and long term parking permits for special guests and visitors of the University through the campus recharge system. Parking permits can be purchased in multiple quantities and distributed by the department as needed or purchased individually for a specific visitor to pick-up at the Parking Services Building.

In no case can a department purchase a parking permit with university funds for use by any employee (faculty or staff) of the University.

VIP's of the University visiting the campus infrequently may be eligible for a VIP Permit. VIP permits are issued on a case by case basis and renewed annually. Most times VIP permits are issued to local, state and county officials, donors, or distinguished guests conducting business with and for the University.

The VIP Permit cannot be issued to or used by an employee (faculty or staff) of the University.

VIP permits are issued annually and the department is recharged for the full cost of the parking permit. To find out more about how a department obtains a VIP parking permit contact Parking Services at (951) 827-1895.