A Delivery permit is a short-term parking option for customers making deliveries on campus. Delivery permits are available at either of the two campus kiosks. For those who have a valid Red, Blue or Gold permit, the Delivery parking permit is complimentary.  For customers without a valid parking permit, there is a $2 fee for a Delivery permit. The short term Delivery permit must be displayed on the automobile dashboard.

Delivery permits:

  • Are valid in Delivery spaces only and any unreserved spaces in Red and Blue lots.
  • Expire 35 minutes after time printed. The expiration time is displayed on the permit.

Departments have options when it comes to issuing guest permits. If planning for special events, conferences, symposiums, and other such large events on campus you must first contact Event Parking Services for parking and permit information.

Your guests can self-purchase their own parking permits, or the department can purchase daily or multi-day permits for guests via the campus recharge system. As there are no longer physical parking permits, multiple quantities may not be purchased for distribution in advance. Guest parking permit options are provided below.

Guest Self-Purchase Options

  1. Hourly and daily permits can be purchased from self-service pay stations in select lots across campus or through ParkMobile. A comprehensive list of hourly/daily parking lots is available online.
  2. Daily parking can also be purchased at the Information Kiosks for Gold lots only. The kiosk ambassador can also provide assistance on purchasing parking for other lots.
  3. Weekly or monthly permits can be purchased in person at the Parking Services Office or by phone at (951) 827-8277.

Department Purchase Options

Departments can submit one of the following requests for up to 10 guests. These guests cannot be UCR campus employees (faculty or staff). A department may not, at any time, purchase a parking permit with university funds (19900 funds) for use by any employee. 

  • Temporary Form for Daily Kiosk Permits* With this form, you can add up to 10 guests our kiosk guest list. On the day of arrival, your guests should pull up to the Information Kiosk and introduce themselves the same way you listed them on the form. The kiosk ambassador will collect their vehicle information at the service window and issue the permit. Permits will only be issued upon arrival at the kiosk. And departments will only be billed for permits claimed, not the total number requested. This option is available for next-day guest arrival, Monday-Friday. The kiosk is not open on the weekends. 
    • This works best if you don’t know who exactly is coming, don’t have vehicle information, or your guests arrive in less than 5 business days.
  • Temporary TAPS-PERMIT Recharge Requests* With this form, you can arrange parking in advance for up to 10 guests. You will need to include ALL the vehicle information when submitting the form. Then the sales team will process the permits. Once processed, your guests can then go straight to the lot to park. Note that this option requires notice at least 5 business days to process before your guests’ arrival.
    • This works best if you have vehicle information or if you would like your guests to park for multiple days.

*These forms are temporary until the recharge functionality is available in the UCR Work Order System. 

Please note that a department may not, at any time, purchase a parking permit with university funds (19900 funds) for use by any employee (faculty or staff) of the University.

VIP's of the University visiting the campus infrequently may be eligible for a VIP Permit. VIP permits are issued on a case by case basis and renewed annually. Most times VIP permits are issued to local, state and county officials, donors, or distinguished guests conducting business with and for the University.

The VIP Permit cannot be issued to or used by an employee (faculty or staff) of the University.

VIP permits are issued annually and the department is recharged for the full cost of the parking permit. To find out more about how a department obtains a VIP parking permit contact Parking Services at (951) 827-8277.

In order to purchase parking permits via the recharge system, you must be an authorized recharge system user. Once a request is submitted, please allow for a processing time of 5-7 business days.

Recharge Process for Single Day Permits (TAPS-KIOSK):

The following information will be required:

  • Parking Location
  • Arrival Date and Time
  • Event Location
  • Guest Name(s) - up to 15 maximum are allowed
  • Vehicle License Plate(s) - if requesting to bypass Information Kiosk

Guests should be directed to either Information Kiosk to acquire their daily parking permit. They will be given a receipt and a map to their destination if needed. Departments are charged the parking fees at the time the permit is issued. You will not be charged for no-shows.

Upon request, departments can elect to have their guests bypass the Information Kiosk and go directly to their approved parking location. However, this requires the vehicle's license plate at the time of the permit request/order. These permits will be charged at the time of reservation regardless of use. No refunds will be issued. This option is best used outside of staffed Information Kiosk service hours.

Recharge Process for Multi-Day permits (TAPS-PRMT):

The following information will be required:

  • Permit Type
  • Number of Permits
  • Start and End Date of Permits
  • Vehicle License Plate(s)
  • Guest Name(s)
  • Reason for use of UC Funds

Guests will be assigned a specific lot and can go directly to their approved parking location.

Please note that a department may not, at any time, purchase a parking permit with university funds (19900 funds) for use by any employee (faculty or staff) of the University.