Blood Drive

Donations for Citations-Annual Blood Drive


UCR Transportation Services, in partnership with LifeStream Blood Bank, launched a “Donations for Citations” blood drive that takes place every year right before Halloween.  This campaign provides an opportunity for the campus community to donate blood instead of paying a citation fee.  For every pint donated, donors received a credit up to $79 towards a citation.  The surrounding community was also encouraged to donate and their credits were applied to random citations picked through a raffle system.

In June 2023, the blood drive was honored with two awards from the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI).  The program received a 2023 Award of Excellence in the Marketing and Communications, Public Sector category, as well as a 2023 Award of Merit in the Innovation in a Mobility, Transportation, or Parking Program category.  The Award of Excellence recognizes projects or programs with significant industry impact and which set an exemplary standard for their creativity, effectiveness, and achievements.  Each winning project demonstrated unique approaches to design, operational, environmental, economic, or societal factors, and in some cases, all the above.

Read more about these achievements and how the Donations for Citations Blood Drive made an impact in the June 2023 issue of the Parking & Mobility Magazine.  To view upcoming blood drive dates or reserve a time slot, please visit LifeStream's website.