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Chancellor's Engagement Program

UCR is committed to a culture of engagement and has included this commitment as a fundamental cornerstone of the campus’ Strategic Plan. The following goal is taken from the Strategic Plan:

“Engagement – Shaping our World. UC Riverside will foster a rich campus culture of engagement by partnering with our diverse community, from the regional to the global level, and by applying UCR’s assets to matters affecting quality of life, including education, economic and community development, athletics, arts and culture, agriculture, and the environment.”

This commitment to engagement has guided the creation and adoption of a program that welcomes the community to campus and encourages participation in UCR’s vibrant academic, cultural, and student programs and gatherings.

This program is a UCR parking initiative that provides complimentary parking to visitors attending academic, outreach, student, and cultural events that are provided free to the campus and community.

For more information on the program or to schedule an event, please contact Event Parking at (951) 827-1295.   

The program utilizes UCR’s current process for obtaining parking and event services. This initiative will therefore have no impact (administrative burden) on UCR’s departments, colleges, and administrative units. In fact, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) will proactively review events to determine if they are eligible for the complimentary parking program; of course, departments may request their events be included in the program as well. The following notes summarize how departments will participate in the new parking initiative:

Event Planning
  • Departments determine parking and others service requirements and submit their requests to Transportation and Parking Services.
Event Review and Eligibility
  • Transportation and Parking Services reviews the request and determines if the event is eligible for program participation.
Complimentary Parking
  • If the event is eligible, visitors will not be charged for parking.
Program Eligibility
  • Events must be provided free or at very-low-cost.
  • The department must order services from Event Parking.  
Events must fall into one of the following categories
  • Colloquia, Symposia, Lectures
  • Student Recruitment and Outreach Programs
  • Student Organization / Club Meetings and Events
  • Cultural and Public Service Events and Gatherings

When departments, colleges or administrative units host events that have a fee, the campus encourages parking fees to be included within the overall event charge. While this may not be practical or appropriate for athletic events or performances, it is strongly encouraged for fund raising and promotional events.