UCR is committed to a culture of engagement and has included this commitment as a fundamental cornerstone of the campus’ Strategic Plan. This commitment to engagement has guided the creation and adoption of a program that welcomes the community to campus and encourages participation in UCR’s vibrant academic, cultural, and programs and gatherings.  To further ensure and support community access, central campus funding has been made available to provide complimentary parking to community visitors attending academic, outreach, student, and cultural events that are free and open to the campus and community.

Transportation Services Community Parking Program utilizes UCR’s current process for obtaining parking and event services providing seamless integration for campus event planners and hosts. This initiative will therefore have no impact (administrative burden) on UCR’s departments, colleges, and administrative units. Transportation Services Event Parking staff work with event planners to identify if this program is applicable for an upcoming event.

Campus event planners who would like to utilize the Community Parking Program should follow the standard event reservation process and include a comment about the desire to use the program.  As part of the standard planning process for all campus events, Transportation Services staff will review the event parameters, ensure that there are no fees or registration process for the event and the general public will be able to freely walk in to the event and participate.  Efforts must be made to encourage the outside community to attend, including a post on the UCR Events Calendar.  Once verified, this will allow all guests coming to the event who use the provided parking options for the event to park with a complimentary virtual parking permit.  The only parking related fees the event sponsor remains responsible for are; space reservations, signage, traffic control and parking attendants.  Based on the characteristics of individual events, certain services will be required to use the program in order to ensure all events representing the campus are successful and well received by the community.  As an example, a small symposium with less than 20 expected guests can take place without any staffing or directional signage but signage informing event guests of the virtual permit process will be required to ensure guests are informed of parking requirements for the event.

Events must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Colloquia, Symposia, Lectures
  • Student Recruitment and Outreach Programs
  • Cultural and Public Service Events and Gatherings

When departments, colleges or administrative units host events that have a fee, the campus encourages parking fees to be included within the overall event charge.  Fees for parking related services can then be collected based on the number of guests after the event from the recharged sponsor.  While this may not be practical or appropriate for athletic events or performances, it is strongly encouraged for fund raising and promotional events.

For more information on the program or to schedule an event, please fill out the Event Parking Services Request or contact Transportation Services’ Event Parking office at (951) 827-1295.