Maintenance/Repair & Fueling

Maintenance/Repair & Fueling


Maintenance/Repair & Fueling

Our primary focus is the safety and reliability of the University fleet, achieved by performing regularly scheduled safety inspections and preventative maintenance on the more than 400 vehicles located here on campus. All University vehicles are required to come to Fleet once a year for a safety inspection.

  • Preventative Maintenance Services

    Preventative maintenance should be completed every 6 months for vehicles and every 3 months for carts. Some vehicles may have mileage requirements as well. To schedule a preventative maintenance appointment, please call us at (951) 827-2277 or email us at

    Preventative maintenance includes the following:

    • 35+ point safety inspection, including brakes, steering, suspension, exhaust, etc.
    • Oil and filter change
    • Lubricate chassis
    • Rotate tires
    • Air/fuel/transmission filter at appropriate intervals
    • Flush coolant/brakes at appropriate intervals
    • Differential service at appropriate intervals
  • Smog Inspections

    All University vehicles are required to be smog tested. All smog tests must be completed through Fleet Services. Fleet Services will contact you when a smog inspection is due.

  • Vehicle Repair

    If your vehicle is in need of repair services, please call us at (951) 827-2277 or email us at We provide many repair services in house. If we are unable to repair a vehicle, we will coordinate with external vehicle repair services.

  • Labor Rates

    Effective 7/1/2021, Mechanic labor rate: $81.49/hour

  • Fueling
    On-Campus Unleaded Gasoline Fueling
    • Fleet services has 3 fuel dispensers with Unleaded 87 octane gasoline.
    • Fuel is typically sold below market price.
    • Fuel dispensers are open 6:30 AM - 5:00 PM for those without a Corporation Yard access card or are available 24/7 with a Corporation Yard access card.
    Off-Campus Unleaded Gasoline Fueling
    • You may fuel at any gas station that accepts credit only cards, except Arco, Valero, or Thrifty stations.
    • You will need the first six digits of the license plate as the pin code, unless a unique PIN has been assigned.
    • You will need the current mileage reading.
    • Use only 87 octane gasoline.
    • If you swipe the gas card more than twice, it will lock you out. You will need to call the number on the back of the card,  (800) 987-6591, to have the card unlocked.
    CNG Fueling
    • Fleet services has one CNG fuel dispenser.
    • For off-campus CNG fueling, please see the CNG NOW! website for a list of Natural Gas fuel stations in your area. Please follow the prompts at the fueling station CAREFULLY.
    • Natural Gas vehicles get approximately 150-180 miles per tank.
    • For instructions on fueling a CNG vehicle, watch How to Fuel a Natural Gas Vehicle 
    Diesel Fueling
    • Diesel fuel is not available at the Fleet fueling station. Diesel fuel must be purchased at an off-campus fueling station.
  • Car Wash

    The Fleet Services car wash and detail station may be used for University vehicles. This includes Fleet daily and long term rentals, as well as department-owned vehicles. No personal vehicles are allowed to use the car wash or detail supplies. If you need to wash a cart, please ask Fleet Services customer service for assistance.