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Celebrating Earth Day

Every April 22, we celebrate Earth Day!   It’s a day meant to increase awareness of environmental issues and a great opportunity to be a part of the change to restore our earth.  Below are five transportation related actions to honor the day:

1. Ditch the car and pick up a bike or go for a walk.  Not only will you benefit from exercise and fresh air, but you will help eliminate emissions caused by a car.  Join Transportation Services Earth Month contest by posting a selfie walking or biking anywhere during the month of April for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.  Post to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #UCRbikes#UCRwalks.

2.  If you do need to drive, try “trip chaining” – that means grouping errands or other activities into one trip instead of returning home in between each one.  The more errands you group together, the more vehicle trips you save.

3.  Ride the bus.  One commuter switching from driving alone to public transportation can reduce their CO2 emission by more than 4,800 pounds per year.  All UCR students and staff are eligible for free RTA bus passes.  RTA offers 33 local fixed-route buses and serves 2,500 square miles in Riverside County.  If you haven’t already done so, register for your pass online through Transportation Services.

4.  Try Metrolink.  If you’re travelling outside of Riverside County, reduce your carbon footprint by taking the train.  Metrolink offers students a 25% discount when showing a valid school ID.  Metrolink also offers a $10 Weekend Day Pass which allows passengers to ride anytime, anywhere system-wide on either Saturday or Sunday.

5.  Make your car more efficient.  The more fuel you use, the greater emissions you create.  Inflate your tires, slow down your speed and plan ahead to avoid traffic as the more your car sits idle, the more fuel you burn.  It also helps to take the junk out of your car.  For every extra 100 pounds you carry, your car’s efficiency goes down 2%.