In order to provide more parking options for employees with varied work schedules, Transportation Services is now offering a Red 10-Pack Permit to their suite of parking options. 10-pack permits are available to faculty, staff, and grad students and can be purchased in person at the Parking Services building or by phone.  The cost for the premium Red 10-Pack is $63 for ten daily parking permits in Red lots while the Blue 10-Pack is $45 for ten daily parking permits in Blue lots.

Although the permits are not lot-specific, permit holders can go online to reserve a space from a list of available lots.  Reservations can be made up to three days in advance.  Space availability may change each day based on demand.  All 10-pack permits expire at the end of the fiscal year and must be used or forfeited as refunds will not be issued for unused days.  There are no restrictions on the number of packs you can purchase.

For those that use alternative transportation or telework and have registered in the R’Commute Program, a free Blue 10-pack will be provided quarterly as an incentive and can be used on days you need to drive to campus.  R’Commute participants are allowed to purchase one additional Blue 10-pack per quarter.

For questions, please contact Transportation Services at (951) 827-8277 or email at