Metrolink wants to encourage students, faculty and staff to take the train and leave their cars behind.  Whether it’s for your regular commute to campus or a way to explore Southern California, taking the train will help save on gas and parking.  Metrolink offers multiple types of tickets for all your travel needs.  All tickets and passes include free transfers to connecting buses and trains.

New users can get two free mobile round-trip tickets by downloading the Metrolink App and registering with your campus email (email must end in .edu).  Tickets will arrive the next business day, directly to your mobile ticket wallet.  You must register by December 16, 2022 and participants will have 90-days to use the tickets once they are received.

Metrolink also provides student discounts. Be sure to select “Student Fare” when purchasing to automatically receive 25% off your fare and be sure to carry a valid student ID with you. 

To plan your Metrolink trip, visit