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PS1 Rendering

Big Springs Parking Structure 2 (PS1)


What is Big Springs Parking Structure 2?

The Big Springs Parking Structure 2 project consists of new construction of a parking structure, associated site improvements, and reconfiguration of the existing surface parking in Parking Lot 13, located off of Big Springs Road. The construction name for the project is Parking Structure #1 (PS1) but in the summer of 2020 the building name of Big Springs Parking Structure 2 was approved by campus leadership. The project will bring a minimum capacity of 1287 (800 net new) parking spaces and will be used by UCR faculty, staff, students, and visitors, primarily serving the eastern half of the academic campus. To see a live view of the construction site, please click here.

Construction will start in late January 2020 and continue for fifteen months. Portions of Lot 13 will be closed for construction during the project beginning with the full closure of the eastern half of lot 13 at the start of construction.

Parking Garage Construction

I am a Lot 13 permit holder, where will I park?

Current permit holders will be allowed to park in the remaining portion of Lot 13 and in open spaces on the top floor of the Big Springs Parking Structure 1 located on the opposite side of Big Springs Road.

TAPS is contacting and relocating Lot 13 permit holders based on existing waitlists and parking lot utilization.

I don’t park in Lot 13, how will this impact me?

To prepare for the impact of closing 487 parking spaces, changes to the campus parking program began in July 2019.  Some of those changes include:

  1. A significant increase in the marketing of alternative commuter options to further reduce single-occupant vehicles coming to the campus.
  2. Underutilized parking resources, such as Parking Lot 14, have been converted from mostly serving retail and visitor parking needs to faculty and staff red permit parking.
  3. Increased utilization of all permitted parking spaces across the campus, including on-campus residential parking spaces.
  4. Condense on-campus resident parking to eliminate unused parking spaces.

These changes have provided some capacity for those individuals who will be displaced by the construction of this structure.  Further work by Transportation Services staff is underway to leverage additional parking capacity and further reduce demand for parking on campus during the winter and spring quarters of 2020. 

Unfortunately, some commuters may not be able to find parking in the central core of the campus as they do today.  For those individuals whose schedule results in them coming to the campus during peak parking demand periods, they should consider alternate parking or transportation options, including:

  1. Contact Transportation Services Transportation Alternatives team at 951-UCR-RIDE (951-827-7433) for assistance with carpool, vanpool, bussing, walking and cycling programs.
  2. Drive to parking facilities where available parking is readily available, such as the Hunter Park Metrolink station.
  3. Don’t use your vehicle to go to lunch or drive to local meetings.

Project Schedule

PS1 Phases Map
Planned Date Phase Spaces Available in Lot 13 Red/ Other Spaces Available in Lot 13 Blue Change in Red/ Other Space Count Change in Blue Space Count
January 29, 2020 Phase A and Phase B areas to close 89 107 0 -487
December 31, 2020 Phase B Completion 89 200 0 +93
October 15, 2020 Phase C Start 0 200 -89 0
December 31, 2020 Phase C Completion 98 200 +9 0
December 31, 2020 Phase A 1st Floor Completion 98 460 0 +260
Spring 2021 Project Completion 98 1383 0 +923

Project Goals

To meet the mission and goals for the project, it is being designed to achieve the following requirements:

  1. Provide 800 net new parking spaces in the eastern half of Parking Lot 13 for a minimum total of 1287 parking spaces.
  2. Design a structure that is both functional and esthetically pleasing and promotes a safe vehicular, pedestrian, and the bicycle-friendly environment with the inclusion of bicycle racks, security cameras, and open views.
  3. Deliver the project with a minimum ParkSmart rating of ‘Bronze’ designation by the Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI) to continue to support our mission of sustainable building operations.
  4. Create an open concept parking structure that will achieve energy conservation and incorporate enhanced parking space features by integrating modern technology (parking permit dispensers, tire inflation station, Wi-Fi interior and exterior, solar-ready roof, parking space counting system).
  5. Strengthen campus entry identity at the east gateway on West Big Spring Drive. 
  6. Provide accessible pedestrian pathways that will link existing campus pedestrian pathways to the new parking structure and provide additional passenger waiting and loading space in Parking Lot 13.
  7. Meet Cal-Green building codes and provide 104 Level-I electric vehicle charging spaces where electric vehicle owners can recharge vehicles at lower costs during their entire workday.
  8. Utilize completed parking spaces ahead of final project completion.

How will it benefit me?

Big Springs Parking Structure 2 is intended to contribute to the campus mission of providing a meaningful campus experience by providing parking that is readily available, welcoming, safe, intuitive, sustainable, and efficient.  The planning and design of this new parking structure will set the benchmark for future additional parking structures that will be built at UCR.

Where can I get more information about project construction?

John Franklin, Senior Project Manager,, (951) 827-1270

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