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Learn About Our Bike/Walk Program

Learn About Our Bike/Walk Program


Riding a bike or walking is fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly commute mode. There are over 3,000 bike racks spaces located throughout campus. There are also four locked bike cages available at no cost for those that have registered their bikes on campus.

UCR provides bike amenities such as offering several self-fix-it stations for do-it-yourself light repairs. Pedals bike shop is also conveniently located on campus every Wednesday between 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM in Lot 19, offering repairs, parts and accessories. Transportation Services also provides free bike registration and issues bike licenses daily between the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students 

Faculty and staff with a minimum 50% appointment or full-time graduate students are eligible to participate in the Bicyclist and Walker Program. Applicants may not hold a daytime commuter parking permit, may not live in campus housing,  and must reside within walking/cycling distance from campus.

You must enroll in the R'Commute (Alternative Transportation Program) to receive incentives. Eligibility of incentives is subject to verification using University electronic records.

Participants in the Bicyclist program must first have their bicycle registered before they can enroll in the R'Commute Program and receive incentives. Transportation and Parking Services provides FREE bicycle license registration to students, faculty, and staff.  Bring your bicycle to one of our Bicycle Registration Events or to the Parking Services building Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM to register and license your bicycle.

Complimentary Parking Privileges

Registered Bicyclists or Walkers are eligible to receive a complimentary 10-pack parking permit each quarter.  Actual allotments provided are dependent on enrollment dates and are prorated.

Complimentary Locker and Shower Facilities

Registered Bicyclists or Walkers are eligible to utilize the day-use locker and shower facilities at the Student Recreation Center without charge.

In order to increase bicycle security, Transportation and Parking Services is offering UCR Faculty, Staff and Graduate students the option to use the new bike cages on campus. These cages are safe and reliable. They are located in four convenient locations around campus.  Please see the Bicycle Cage Map for details.

Bicycles must be registered before access can be given. For information about locker cages please contact us by email or by telephone at 951-827-8277.

Bicycle Parking Stalls on Campus
Active Bicycle Registrations
Bicyclists and walkers in the commuter incentives program