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Learn About Metrolink

Learn About Metrolink


Metrolink is Southern California's regional passenger rail system operating in six counties across the region. Metrolink serves the campus with two local stations in Downtown Riverside and at the Riverside Hunter Park station.

The Downtown Riverside Station operates three rail lines and has a direct connection to campus via RTA Route 1 to UCR at Bannockburn. The Riverside Hunter Park Station services one rail line and does not provide a direct bus route to campus.

Metrolink provides a 25% student discount to those with a valid Student ID. Tickets can be purchased via Metrolink's mobile app or at the kiosks located at each train station.

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students who make their daily commute to and from the UC Riverside campus using public transit are eligible to participate in the Public Transit Program. Registered participants cannot hold a daytime commuter parking permit.

You must enroll in the R'Commute (Alternative Transportation Program) to receive incentives. Eligibility of incentives is subject to verification using University electronic records.

Complimentary Parking Privileges

Registered Public Transit participants are eligible to receive a complimentary 10-pack parking permit each quarter. Actual allotments provided are dependent on enrollment dates and are prorated.

Take the worry out of ridesharing.  Faculty or staff enrolled in the Transit Program are eligible to participate in the Regional Guaranteed Ride Home Program offered through IE Commuter.  The program reimburses you for up to two emergency rides per year when using Lyft, Taxi, or Uber to get home in an emergency.   The program is intended for personal and family emergencies or unscheduled overtime at the request of your supervisor. It is not available for rides to work, scheduled appointments or planned overtime.

For complete program rules go to

To arrange for an Emergency Ride Home:

  • Arrange your own ride home via Lyft, Uber, Taxi, or other such ride-hailing services.
  • Save receipt(s).  A 15% tip is allowed for reimbursement.
  • Complete the required Reimbursement Claim Form and scan/email along with a copy of the receipt(s) to Transportation Services at
  • Transportation Services will verify, sign, and submit to IE Commuter for reimbursement.
  • Program is valid for up to two emergency ride homes each fiscal year.

For further details, call Transportation Services at (951) 827-8277.